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13.7.2015 Alan Svejk

Joy in her black polo hatShe is one of the most fascinating, impressive, but also mysterious and secretive figures of the modern European Aristocracy. An internationally recognized top fashion model, who married a descendant of famous Napoleon Bonaparte bloodline, Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans is truly an inspiration for all modern women worldwide.

She earned all her success by hard work, modesty, always positive personality and helping others. Her unique style and shining charm make her a firm part of the U.S. luxury market, and her deep experience from the global fashion world make her expertise and insights highly valuable for top fashion companies, like Chanel, Rolls Royce and Louis Vuitton.

Entering famous Mensa club for the most intelligent people at 17 years old, Joy clearly declared her many talents since the young age. Since then, she was trained with a series of private tutors who schooled her in the arts, history, philosophy, political science, art, etc. She is also an active violin player, who participated in a number of public recitals.

Due to her impressive height of 6’1″ (183cm) and very slender figure, she was fully qualified for a career of top fashion model, and her life changed completely since she signed with the Ford Modeling Agency. She moved to New York, then Paris, where she met and married the great great grandson of Napoleon Bonaparte. They were married in his castle, Montardy.

Montardy-8Today, she is very active in international commerce, art collecting, investments, real estate, fashion, but she never forgets to support many charitable causes. Her sport activities include yachting, tennis, skiing, horseback riding, and the game of polo.

Joy likes to share with others. “My life’s experiences have been incredible, but have taught me that nothing in this world is as important as being and feeling truly happy with my inner self. To laugh, love and live everyday as if it were my last. Never forget that life is not a game, it’s a gift.”

She is rarely seen in the public. One of few exceptions are polo events, for example in April 2014, when Joy participated in 2014 Miami Beach Polo World Cup in International Polo Club Palm Beach, due to her wide contacts with Mr. Alex Webbe, president of Polo Consultants international business company.

Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans accepted the offer to be an honorary patroness of NUSHI Fashion Magazine, and promised to share unique insights from her world with our readers.



From modeling to acting-the new Bond girl has it all

—Joy Ford-legs that go on forever-looks to be the next Bond girl.

—Joy Ford-legs that go on forever-looks to be the next Bond girl.

Modeling isn’t an unusual route into acting with some of the world’s most famous actresses beginning their career as models.

The late Lauren Bacall for example appeared on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue before deciding on becoming an actress.

More recent examples include the likes of Cameron Diaz, Stephanie Seymour, Brooke Shields, Cybill Shepherd, Claudia Schiffer, Carol Alt, Elle MacPherson and former Bond girls Lois Chiles and Olga Kurylenko, who all began their careers as fashion models before breaking into film.

So it was no surprise that Eon Productions head, Michael G. Wilson, sent a jet to Palm Beach to pick up a 6’ 1” blonde supermodel to audition for the next James Bond movie.

Joy Ford began modeling at the age of 13, was signed to the Ford Agency by Eileen Ford herself after spotting her walking on the sidewalk on Rodeo Drive.  Ford graduated from high school early and was flown to New York where she lived with Eileen Ford while learning the business, taking acting lessons at the Actors Studio

A year later, she was shipped off to Paris where she became one of the company’s hottest commodities.  Joy Ford graced the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan and many others.

A serious kick boxer, equestrian and physical fitness buff, Ford is certain to make a physical as well as an esoteric impact in Bond 25.

New Bond girl takes the franchise to new heights

At 6′ 1″, Joy Ford would be the tallest Bond Girl.

At 6′ 1″, Joy Ford would be the tallest Bond Girl.

As you know, the iconic character of the “Bond Girl” is a very important aspect, almost a tradition, in the Bond franchise, and earlier this month it has been announced that this time the plan will be to cast a true action figure in the role.

Following up the interest EON Productions have shown in model/actress Joy Ford’s kick boxing prowess and the fact that they recently flew her to London where she is reported to have gone a few rounds with Bond stuntman/double Ben Cooke, the statuesque Californian might just become the franchise’s Blond Bond Bombshell.

The Bond film producers, EON Productions, have reported to have recently started negotiations with the 6’ 1” (barefoot model/actress, but that may too cause feathers to ruffle.  With Daniel Craig waltzing in at 5’ 10” and Ford measuring a whopping three inches taller than the hero (without heels), the newest Bond girl may well weigh in as a henchman of the villains.

Past Bond portrayers wouldn’t have had it much easier, however, with the tallest having been Sean Connery at 6’ 2”.  The striking good looks of Ford command attention, and when the girl is wearing heels she’s over 6’ 5” tall.

New heights for 007?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Bond girl or just for kicks?

Joy Ford-"tall and tan and young and lovely."

Joy Ford-“tall and tan and young and lovely.”

Joy Ford-“tall and tan and young and lovely.”

Stuntman and martial artist Ben Cooke was a regular at the KO Muay Thai Gym, home to a number of professional boxers and ultimate fighters, but when he walked in with 6’ 1” model/actress Joy Ford, all activity halted.  Cooke stands six feet tall himself, but the glamorous blonde accompanying him seemed to tower over him.

Ford, it was later learned, was flown to London by the head of Eon Productions, Michael G. Wilson, and Cooke, of course, is the well-known stunt double for Daniel Craig (James Bond).

As the two approached the gym’s ring, Ford’s full-length fur coat came off, revealing the taut and toned body of an athlete.  She removed her four inch heels, did some preliminary stretching, slipped into a pair of gloves and climbed up into the ring as the surrounding fighters crowded in to get a closer look.  Cooke shed his shoes and jacket and joined her, where for the next 40 minutes she demonstrated an impressive kick boxing style with Cooke playing the foil to the leggy blonde who received loud cheers and rounds of applause every time she landed a kick or a punch.

At the end of the session, Ford was cheered as she climbed down from the ring.  She quickly changed back into her heels, threw her fur over her arm, strolled out of the gym and climbed into a waiting Eon Productions’ car as if the entire event had been scripted.

Joy Ford, the next Bond Bombshell?

Joy Ford, the new Bond girl?

Joy Ford, the new Bond girl?

When it comes to casting the Bond Girls, the selection process doesn’t stay secret for long.  It was recently revealed that 6’1” blonde buxom Joy Ford had been summoned to England where she will meet with Eon Productions regarding a casting for the 25th James Bond film.

Ford wasn’t selected for her beauty alone.  Although the statuesque beauty has graced the covers of fashion magazines from Vogue to Elle, she is also an accomplished kick boxer and has been training at Palm Beach’s International Polo Club with Alex Moraes, a former kick-boxing champion from his native Argentina.

They are sexpots and saviors. They might be threats to the hero’s life or the most ornamental distraction. Whatever else may change in the 007 series, you can’t have a Bond film without Bond girls.

The Countess is back!

The Countess at dinner the night before the Oscars.

The Countess at dinner the night before the Oscars.

There is no mistaking the fact that the Oscars are in town.  Fashion houses are crushed with requests, top restaurants are over-booked, five star hotels have waiting lists and limousines are everywhere.

With a tradition that dates back to the first Academy Awards presentation in 1929, the event has continued to grow and attract international attention featuring audiences and parties thrown and attended by some of the wealthiest and most beautiful people in the world.

Reportedly seen in a private room at Mr. Chow’s were the director (Paolo Sorrentino)  and star (Toni Servillo) of the Oscar nominated Foreign Language Film, The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza), with a handful of guests that included Francois Ozon, Giuseppe Tornatore and the 6’ 1” blonde beauty Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans.

All heads turned as the statuesque supermodel made her way to the private room that hosted the esteemed European contingent, much to the chagrin of 5’7” Toni Servillo.

It wasn’t her height that captured everyone’s eye, it was her grace and elegance.

There was much talk over dinner and drinks about the European film industry and the inroads they have made over the years when all eyes turned to the Countess.

“And, my dear, what are your film plans,” asked Spanish director Pablo Berger, “when will you be making your film debut?”

The Countess smiled demurely and attempted to brush the request aside.  They had been after her for years, dating back to the days when she first took over many of the world’s fashion magazine covers, but she had managed to avoid the calling of the lights and cameras until now.

Servillo was seen to be fuming in the corner as every major foreign director at the table courted the blonde beauty.

“Herb Cheyette told her that she was the only woman who ever made him late for an appointment,” offered Ozon.  “He said that she was the next Raquel Welch.”

Laughter and merriment filled the room, but there was no turning aside the continued requests from the directors for some indication that the Countess would submit to their requests.

Bay Area Touring

The globe-trotting Countess du Lau d’Allemans returned to the bay area after an extended stay in Europe and then a joyful romp to Bora Bora for a Polynesian respite.  Comfortable in and around the San Francisco bay area, Texas-born Joy Ford was joined by a tall Brazilian polo player with chiseled profile and an athletic build and a couple of teammates who made a mid-week run north from the Santa Barbara Polo Club where they had been competing for the summer.

Joy Ford

Joy Ford

The swarthy good looks of the South American were a stark contrast to the 6’ 1” bond beauty, but her sun-kissed skin made the two of them a seemingly comfortable match.  All heads turned on Joy and her three companions as they enjoyed a dinner at Sundance the Steakhouse in Palo Alto before hitting the town for some late-night dancing.  It wasn’t long before Joy and her Brazilian dinner partner were left on their own to dance on into the night as their two companions left in the company of a couple of locals intent on showing them the town.

Standing well over six feet tall, the world-class model and her dance partner were the hit of the late night crowd as the music droned on.  Her dark brown eyes and agile gyrations to the music kept him hypnotized as the time disappeared. Her lithe body swayed to the music and his eyes were riveted on her.   A two am closing sent the happy couple on their way.  Holding hands in the car on the drive back to Joao’s hotel was complimented to a single kiss on the cheek that ended the night with a promise of a full day together tomorrow.

Eggs Benedict the next morning at St. Michael’s Alley were devoured by Joy and Joao while Facundo and Jeff straggled in, trying to shake off a very late evening.  Polite morning conversation guided the secrets of the previous night’s activities, with Joao and Joy exchanging flirting glances at one another.  Facundo and Jeff hungrily wolfed down their breakfasts and the crew was on the road.

With the romantic backdrop of the Pacific Ocean to the west, capturing the morning rays of the sun, the foursome started the drive north to the Menlo Circus Club in Atherton.  Menlo is home to one of the country’s oldest polo clubs, dating back to 1923.  The attraction was a cross between business and pleasure as all three of the polo-playing contingent were in the market for additional horses.

A pleasant lunch in the club’s airy dining room and a stroll through the equestrian area saw the California sun sparkle through her long blonde as one after another, the players got on and off of a number of horses that were paraded out for their inspection.

“What are your thoughts,” Joao asked her as the tall Brazilian dismounted.  “Do you think she has the heart for the game,” he smiled.  Joy wasted little time as she took three strides over to the chestnut, scooped the reins out of his hand and threw her right leg over the English saddle.  A heel to the horses side and she was off at a gallop, racing down the field before collecting the horse in a controlled stop, spinning around its hind quarters and racing back to the stunned threesome.

“Yep,” Joy said, “I think she’ll be just fine.”

Joao was smugly silent for most of the trip back to Palo Alto but was noticeably proud of her horsemanship skills.  His two teammates couldn’t stop asking Joy about her childhood, how old she was when she started to ride, how often she rides now and why she wasn’t playing polo with them.

She dropped them off at their hotel before returning to her friend’s house where she would get changed for a dinner in San Francisco.  She had certainly made an impression on her polo-playing friends, but then she always made an impression wherever she went and whoever she was with.  She was looking forward to tonight.